Lyft Promo Codes For Existing Users 2016 Guide

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Promo codes for existing users are a way of getting free rides for using lyft services, although they are very rare once you bump into one you will get the maximum satisfaction out of each. If you are looking for the lyft promo codes for existing users, then rideshare is the place. The promo codes for existing users have referral codes for the users to give their friends and families to use lyft the more the referrals you give, the higher your chances of getting the free credit.

Great facts


The lyft promo codes must be entered before the first ride this is to ascertain for the validity of yellow carthe codes, the codes cannot be used twice. It is important to emphasize to your users of the codes they can only give out the codes on the first ride only. Using the promo code promotes the use of lyft services.

Social media

The most trending and convenient way to use up all your referral code is social media; social media have the most trending topics and buyouts. This makes it a bright idea for you to promote lyft and also for you to use up your referral codes and thus increasing your chances of getting that free credit as an existing user.

The most effective way to capture more audience is to sound convincing not to sound as you are advertising but to sound that the experience comes from you, encourage a friend to use lyft services and not to drink and drunk causing mayhem on the road as a result of reckless driving.


You can decide to design your referral codes into business cards and give them out to friends and families. This works out because as soon as you friend or family uses lyft, they get to hand out the code to the driver who checks the code in earning your points and all you get to do is sit back relax and watch the cards to the work for you.

Massive texting is also a way of promoting lyft services, you know it is the end of the week, and your friends and colleagues are tired from a long week of working hard and you are giving them a more relaxed convenient way of getting from their workplace to their homes using your lyft promo codes. This can make a huge impact and makes it easy to make your plans knowing that lyft has your ride covered.


green carLyft promo codes for existing users are rare to find because they are limited. This is a huge challenge for the existing users because if you find one it is either for a different city or it has already expired.

Therefore as an existing user, you have to be fast and use the codes efficiently to get the credit as soon as possible before it expires.