Maintaining And Cleaning Bunded Oil Tanks

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huge oil tanksBunded oil tanks are considered to be the best among the other types especially when it comes to domestic storage of heated oil. A bunded oil tank is double, that means, it is a tank within another tank. And so in case the outer tank get damaged, the inner tank will keep the oil in. The main purpose of the inner surface is to store the oil while the outer surface serves as a protection. Hence, it can prevent oil spills that are known to be very harmful not only to the environment but also to all the habitats. It is a great way to avoid fire hazards too. Even the smallest amount of oil spill can cause a great fire. Even though the tank is double, problems may still occur. There is a possibility that damage can go through the inner tank if it is a tremendous one. That is the reason regular cleaning and maintenance of a bunded oil tank is a must. Both tanks should be cleaned and inspected regularly.


Keeping the oil tank in gooil tankod condition all the time is important since it is used to store oil that is
considered as toxic. Despite its usefulness to everyday living especially in the operation of a business or enterprise, it also has several adverse effects. A well-maintained oil tank could ensure that you will have a smooth-sailing enterprise. One way of keeping it maintained is regular cleaning. It can not be performed by just anyone who does not have any knowledge about the proper cleaning of oil tanks. It should be done by trained and professional cleaners with the proper equipment. There are many companies like Octane that are offering oil tank cleaning services. Their team consists of competent and highly-skilled members. They use professional cleaning techniques as well as high technology equipment that will ensure outstanding results.

Regular inspection of a bunded oil tank is highly recommended. This way, you will be able to identify potential damages that may cause leaks. It will allow you to address the issues before they get worse. Check for any deep scratches or bulges. Rust may also appear on the surfaces that will weaken the metal and cause it to have holes or cracks. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your bunded oil tanks will prolong its lifespan. It will help you save money by reducing the chances of having it repaired or replaced.