Proven Strategies To Avoid Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes cause a lot of pain. This is because they cause itchy, annoying bites and are associated with various diseases.

Removing stagnant water
This is the first step. You need to eliminate stationary water from your home. You should note that mosquitoes do not need a large amount of water to breed, but only a tablespoon of stagnant water. A female mosquito is said to a dragon flylay up to 200 eggs in a single day. You need to remove standing water from the flower pots, grill covers, kids toys, and rain collection areas. This will make a huge difference as far as mosquito control is concerned. In fact, you will have removed over 70% of mosquito breeding areas. If this does not work to keep them at bay, it is necessary to minimize their population using other techniques.

Avoid mosquito peak times
Dusk and dawn are the major times mosquitoes are out in search of prey. The reason for this is that their food sources such as birds, deer, and many more are active during those times. They hate direct sunlight. Therefore, you will find them enjoying tree shadow and building shadows. If you must be out during such periods, it is important to wear long pants and long sleeves. They require exposed skin to feed well. If you can minimize the amount of skin, which they attack, it is possible to reduce chances of itchy, large welts, which linger for many days. You should also avoid wearing dark colors as they attract these insects.

a boy in big pipeUse Natural and Safe Mosquito repellents
It is important to avoid using chemical or synthetic repellents such as DEET. This is because these chemicals have been found to causes various health issues such as Asthma and Cancer. Fortunately, there are safe mosquito repellents on the market that are safe and will repel as well as kill these insects. Avoid using such chemicals because continuous exposure accumulates a lot of toxicity. You should avoid using poison when there are natural products.

Avoid fragrances
Although this is quite a difficult thing for many people looking to control mosquitoes can do. It is necessary to avoid fragrances that are in shampoos, laundry detergent, lotions. Studies show that mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide that people exhale. Such additives confuse these bloody insects.