How To Increase AdSense Earnings

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Certainly, Google AdSense is one of the best and high paying Cost Per Click (CPC) based-advertising programs to monetize your blog. Just click here to increase your adsense earnings. You could probably be missing making a lot of money if you aren’t considering using things such as color, size, layout, placement and other variables. You can increase your earning by over 20% just by taking the following tips into proper consideration.

Ways to increase your earnings

Only pick high paying niche

Niche is one of the most important things in blogging and fsome coinsor boosting your AdSense revenue because CPC of ads directly depends upon the subject/topic you choose. It’s, therefore, a good idea to find high paying niches for your blog. Also, choose a relevant niche that relates to your domain to get higher rankings on various search engines. This can help you increase your earnings through AdSense.

Choose the right size and location of your ads

This is also another great way of getting more clicks on the AdSense ads. Location and size of your ads play a crucial role in boosting AdSense revenue. Keep in mind that only specific sizes can work best on your blog. Try to do your research to determine the right size and location for your ads. Additionally, ads between content is a good place to get more clicks on any post.

Pick the right theme

Choosing a suitable theme for your blog can also help to boost your earnings from AdSense. You should choose the right theme, which will work best with AdSense. Also, make sure the theme you choose already has an ad placement setup to get more clicks.

Get more traffic

Traffic is the best ways to make a good amount of money from AdSense. Without it, you are going to get nothing from blogging. Whether its Google AdSense or affiliate marketing, traffic is the only way or source to make person's hand with coinssome money from the internet. Although organic traffic is considered to be more effective for blogs, it can also increase your AdSense revenue. So, it’s a good idea to focus on SEO to increase your AdSense earnings and probably get a higher ranking on search engines.

Display text and image ads

Displaying text and image ads can greatly help get more clicks on the AdSense than without them. So, it’s advised to enable both text and image ads on your blog.

Avoid using too many ads

Using too many ads on a blog can significantly lower your cost per click. It’s therefore recommended to place just two units of ads on one page of your blog post.