Reasons To Use Social Media and ad-words For Advertising

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Social media marketing has been growing day in, day out with many people opting to advertise in social media. Using social media as a marketing tool will develop your brand and make it more popular because it reaches more people than any other media. Many people nowadays are more active in social media and spend most of their times chatting with friends or watching videos. Companies will, therefore, benefit greatly from social media and ad-word advertising due to the following reasons;

Reasons for social media and ad-words marketing

It will reach many people in a short time

frame treeIt is believed that nearly 80% of the world’s population is registered in one or many social media sites. A good percentage of this population is active on these sites daily, and advertising here makes the product to be viewed by many people. Many people own phones that can access social media sites making it the reason behind many people using social media.

It is cost effective

Ad-word is the most efficient and cost-efficient way to market your brand or business. Many people prefer this because it gives you control over the way you spend your money by limiting how much you spend by day or per month. You will only have to pay when somebody clicks on your ad, and as you progress, the cost by click will substantially reduce. You will be highly increasing your traffic but with the same cost.

It builds strong relationship with customers

Having a social media presence is crucial as it will help you get closer to your customers. You engage directly with your customers by reading their tweets or chats, and you will get to know exactly what customers want and what they don’t. By so doing you will be creating a relationship and strengthening it by engaging directly with customers and explaining to them vividly about the product or business.

It boosts your site’s SEO

phoneBy advertising in social media and ad-words, you will be increasing traffic in search engines and making your brand more popular. These will ensure optimization and makes your brand to top the list of search engine rankings and make it more popular.

They are measurable and flexible

Social media and ad-word advertising are easy to measure, and you can effectively control it. You will be able to know the number of clicks, number of ad-word conversions, cost per acquisition and much more. These will assist you in measuring the return on investment.