Services Offered By Dentists

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Apart from seeing a dentist when your teeth are decayed or so, the dentist has a broad range of services that they can provide.  You need more than just brushing teeth, daily floss, gargle mouthwash are good but not just enough it is prudent to take a visit to the dentist too for a routine checkup.

Services that you may get during the routine visit;

Dental x-rays

fake theethDental x-rays can even be carried out by dental hygienists. A dental x-ray may reveal a lot about your teeth and gums e.g. the height of the bone supporting the teeth, the position of the developing teeth (especially in children) if there is a cavity developing in between the teeth, etc. There are different types of x-rays, and the dentist can decide which type is suitable for your scenario.

Oral examination

There are some services that a dental hygienist can carry out. This is because a dentist may not necessarily be required to carry it out.  However, for more advanced forms of treatment, a dentist is needed e.g. filling cavities, etc.

Below are some areas that should be looked into during oral examination

Bite evaluation

A dentist will check your bite and evaluate it during the visit. The dentist will be on the lookout for any kinds of irregularities that may negotiate your general dental health. Usually, the dentist will always look keenly into the development of developing pattern of a child’s teeth, and if there is any cause for alarm, the dentist will refer the child to an orthodontist.

Decay detection

The dentist will look at the tooth enamel to see if it has softened, as a soft coating is a sign of early tooth decay. The dentist will also look if any teeth are decayed and arrest the situation.

Pocket measurements

The Pocket measure is all about the determination of a gum disease.  A periodontal probe is used to measure the pockets around your teeth. The measure is to determine whether the bone is lost to a gum disease

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer is successfully treated with early detection. A dentist should do the screening of cancer during each visit. During the cancer screening, the dentist will check neck, tongue surface, lips and head to see for any strange signs and symptoms.

Scaling and polishing

smiling theethHaving your teeth cleaned regularly prevents periodontal diseases and keeps your gum tissue. With the use of specialized equipment, the dentist will remove substances like tartar and any other stains. Also, the dentist will polish the enamel to remove any stains.